Part-time jobs I can do in the meantime because of salary cut from Coronavirus?

Hi everyone,

I work in tourism and my salary and hours have been cut in half for the time being until this whole Coronavirus thing gets better. My salary being cut in half does suck but it doesn’t mean I can’t survive…thankfully. We’re hoping we can get back on regular salary within half a year to a year (this is being optimistic and generous).

Because I’ll have a lot more time and less money coming in, I need to find some sort of part time job that will keep me busy and that can bring in some money for me. Does anyone have any advice on any part time jobs I can look at or where to start? I’m pretty much open to anything, I’ve just never done any part time work in Japan and would like any help I can get. I speak both Japanese and English fluently (grew up speaking both but English is better) so language shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Thank you and hope everyone is staying safe out there!

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