Japan’s COVID response: Insanely stupid, or the lone sane holdout?

At this stage, nearly every other first world nation has enacted serious restrictions to limit or control the spread of coronavirus.

However, aside from closing schools — which has only caused more problems, in my opinion — Japan seems to have done very little. The government appears to be taking a very “hands off” approach, and is resorting to the easiest measures to restrict movement, such as Tokyo asking people to not have hanami picnics. Telling people not to eat in a park will solve problems? But shutting down restaurants won’t? Hm.

Meanwhile, most major US cities have required all restaurants and bars to close to dine-in service, most companies are mandating work from home and pretty much all public gatherings are prohibited.

Closing schools but not closing public transit or mandating telework is baffling to me. Why one and not the others? Additionally, parents are still getting screwed here. No one seems to be doing much to help working moms and dads. Not to mention, the school districts that are setting up open school are doing it horribly: Forcing kids to sit inside in silence for 8hrs/day.

I’ve been getting a lot of concern trolling from people back home asking why I’m still going to work (have to?) or going out in public to restaurants or the store (gotta eat?). The fact that Japan hasn’t placed major rules on being in public spaces isn’t registering with people outside of Japan. I’m getting a little sick of being shamed by American friends/family for leaving the house when I have no other choice.

So, just wondering:

  • Do you agree with how Japan is handling the coronavirus situation?

  • What restrictions should be in place here, if any?

  • What would have to happen for Japan to implement the level of restrictions being placed abroad?

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