Japanlife Coronavirus Megathread


66/355 (Japan / Diamond Princess) 17th Feb

News Updates:


Emperor’s birthday celebration cancelled.

Two new cases of COVID-19 hit Kanto area, bringing Japan total to at least 61

Avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings, health minister urges / Japan cases rise to 59


New reported case in Chiba, office workers in his 20 apparently continued going to work for almost a week despite having symptoms

3rd case in Aichi. A friend of the couple with coronavirus after Hawaii trip

5 new cases in Tokyo today

8 new cases in Tokyo yesterday. One of them is a businessman who took a Shinkansen not related to the sick taxi driver


3 doctors in Wakayama contracted COVID-19


First mortality in Japan reported

Doctor contracted COVID-19


Taxi Driver contracted COVID-19, no known trace to other patients/clusters. Son-in-law of first mortality.


Coronavirus: No change to recommended quarantine period despite study suggesting 24-day incubation, says WHO

Research shows 3-day median incubation period for coronavirus, 24 days in rare cases

New coronavirus found in Japan evacuees who initially tested negative

What you can do:

  1. Do not travel to China, esp Hubei province
  2. Do not come into close contact with people who have recently traveled to China
  3. If #1/#2 did happen but you have no symptoms, stay home and away from people for 2 weeks. If you have symptoms, contact the special coordination centers linked above.
  4. If #1/#2 did not happen and you have no symptoms, cool beans. If you have symptoms, talk to your local medical provider, as you most likely do not have 2019-nCov


  • Try not to panic / spread misinformation — don’t be like that one American on my Facebook posting about how the world is about to end from weirdo conspiracy sites.
  • Masks / hand sanitizer have marginal value at protecting you so don’t stress out if you don’t have any — smoke ’em if you got ’em.
  • Wash your hands with soap, and try to avoid touching things (handrails, buttons, etc) / your face.
  • Your best bet is to avoid close contact with infected people, so don’t try to board that cruise ship, or join any tour groups from Wuhan.
  • Your employer might have accommodations for you if you want to work from home, never hurts to ask!
  • The virus appears to scale in severity with age, so if you are on the younger side, you are less likely to be affected, and if you are on the older side, you may want to take “staying home” precautions more seriously.

useful links:

Coronavirus case count worldwide and map:

coronavirus FAQ(in Japanese)

list of hokenjos around tokyo

list of hokenjos around the country

Another reddit thread about hoarding due to coronavirus

Information from Oita City (English)

Information from Sapporo City (English)

Information from Fukuoka City (English)

Move the personal anecdote to the previous locked thread due to request.


if you have reason to suspect anything, stay at home(self-quarantine), call your local 保健所, talk to them and ask them what to do. You will probably have to pay for everything.


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