[Advice] If you’re gonna change jobs, try not to time it smack in the middle of the month

So I changed job in July this year and because of business travel commitment, knowledge transfer and using up my remaining vacation, the schedule went like this:

  • last day officially employed at old company: July 15th
  • first day employed at new company: July 16th

Everything was fine and rosy until I got my paychecks for July. Old company charged me for a full month of pension and health insurance. New company also charged full month of pension and health insurance (different kenkou kumiai). So about 85,000 JPY extra charge…

While the pension is not that big of a problem as it will just increase ever so slightly my retirement benefits in the end, the health insurance is pure loss. I asked both company HRs and they said the insurance companies do not prorate coverage and it can't be helped.

Fool me once… Next time I change jobs, I will definitely time it for the 1st of the month.

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