Lump-Sum Payment confusion

Made a very similar post in the stupid questions thread but would like to make a post about it too if that's okay.

I'm a bit confused about the Lump Sum withdrawal thing for the pension.

This above image shows the pension payment table that is on the form you get when requesting a lump sum repayment.

It says if I have worked say 24 months, I will only get back ¥180,480.

Over the last 24 months, however, I have paid around ¥500,000 (not including employer matching, just direct from my paycheque).

Initially, I thought that I would get the entire amount I have paid in over the last 3 years as long as I did all the forms and did the tax refund one too.

Now seeing the form though, it appears that I don't get the full amount? I am confused as I have read some other stories of those who have left Japan and gotten their full ¥500,000+ pension lump sums back (after filling in all the forms including the tax refund form).

If anyone has been through this or has some experience, could you please help me clear this up. I tried searching for old posts but could not find anything that specifically explains this.

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