Is mandatory factory work ("工場実習") legal for foreigners on a category 3 work visa?

edit: sorry, what is meant is "category E", not 3.

Hello swarm intelligence, I hope someone can help me with this question/situation:

I work for a Japanese automotive parts supplier which only recently started hiring foreigners. Even though the company has been emphasizing the importance on "global labor", it soon became apparent that there is no communication/ long-term agenda / career plan for us foreigners whatsoever.

I knew that there would be a mandatory 3-month period in production, but instead of a genuine introduction to the company, it is basically the most monotonous assembly line work, consisting of doing the same combination of movements within 26 seconds for sometimes 12 or more hours and regular night shifts. All Japanese 新入社員 have to do it, and while I like the idea of getting a special treatment, I also earn as much as my Japanese dōki with less qualification/experience. I a have masters degree/JLPT N1 and 3.5 years living experience in Japan.

My regular position turned out not to be designated for foreigners as all my predecessors are Japanese. Thus, 95 percent of my daily tasks are in Japanese and as there is little actual need for a foreigner, for which reason I feel little valued as the グローバル人材 I was hired as.

While I try to stay positive and think of this a rare opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese company, I am not sure if I want to sacrifice 3 month of my life and perhaps my health (a significant number of people suppering from health or mental issues), only to return back to the office job that also pays less than I thought (different story).

Before drifting off to much, I would like to know if anyone know if the above-mentioned factory work is legal for a category e visa ("As Eng./Sp. In Human./Int. Serv.), as I heard the the actual work is restricted to the respective field.

I am not unhappy with the company in general and my coworkers are mostly friendly, plus the company subsidizes my rent, so I think labelling the company as burakku would be too easy.

Any honest opinion is highly appreciated!

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