Line mobile a decent option for me? What are the limitations or why wouldn’t you use it?

Most places say I need to get a phone number to rent a house. Would Line work for that?

I am on a one year culture visa and wondering if Line will work for people who don't use line. I hardly know much about it except for seeing ads around and a few internet searches.

I actually never used Line and I don't use Facebook or Instagram so am wondering if it's a waste of money and if I should just survive with email? Like what are the limitations of it and why wouldn't you use it?

Not a big talker and I only have a few Japanese friends here now so if I do it I was looking at their cheapest option 3g or 1g or whatever it was.

I do need internet for my Laptop though but I guess that's a different thing.

I also need to buy a phone too and they showed me some phone called a zacphone or something for 17,000.

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