Switched sim card to new, unlocked global model phone, but data not working. (Mineo MVNO)

Bought a new phone for the MVNO carrier I'm using, Mineo. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Global Unlocked model. I switched my simcard into it and can make calls, but it isn't connecting to the data network.

Instead of a 3G or 4G mark next to the reception bars, there is an H.

Mineo Service told me before I bought the phone that they couldn't confirm if it would be compatible or not, but it supports all the same LTE bands as their official supported phone models.

If its any help, I'm on their "D-plan", which uses the Docomo network.

I'm wondering if there is a setting in missing somewhere? Maybe a step I overlooked when swapping simcards to a new phone?

Sorry I'm a dumb dumb. If all else fails I'll call Mineo support, but that sounds like a huge headache.

EDIT: Thanks guys. Just had to update the APN Profile as some people pointed out! Working fine now!

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