Physical therapist in Koriyama, Fukushima?

I have been looking for a physical therapist (理学療法士?) in order to get help with the serious imbalances in my joints and muscles (lateral pelvic tilt, scapular winging, etc.).

But so far, I have only been able to find orthopedics in a couple of big hospitals, a number of chiropractors, and few massage places. My inability to read Japanese (still at JLPT N3 level) makes things more difficult, and I don't want to end up wasting my time and money (I visited a clinic recently, described my problem at the reception, paid a thousand yen to be told that "this isn't my specialization, visit a hospital").

I am an intermediate-level fitness enthusiast, and I feel it'd be better to deal with these issues before progressing any further.

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