[Politics] Anybody have thoughts about tomorrow’s election/state of politics in Japan?

I know most of us probably don't even have the right to vote in Japan, but I think it's healthy to at least be able to discuss what's happening here, so I wanted to hear what you guys have to say about the election and Japanese politics in general.

As someone who just got permanent residency last December, I've found myself a lot more invested than before, and I especially love what Taro Yamamoto is doing with Reiwa Shinsen-gumi. I've always been a fan of his political fortitude and I think it really matches the tone of progressive thinkers around the world. If Japan is going to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to more progressive societal standards, I feel the millennial generation is going to have to more or less force their way into the decision making seats, and so far Taro Yamamoto seems to be the type of politician who can lead that kind of movement.

I'm always up for healthy debate, so if you have any opinions/thoughts about the state of politics in Japan, please share!

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