New Year’s Eve – Mount Hakodate experiences?

Hey guys,

I apologise if this is considered to not fit this sub, but I asked it over at japantravel (where I thought it was more fitting) but the mods claimed it has already been answered and to search for it (it has not).

I normally head home over the New Year (since I'm on student visa – in before I get banned for not being a permanent resident?) but I was back visiting family not long ago and it's a long trip, so this year I'm planning on staying in Japan! Exciting to finally spend a New Year here haha. I'm gonna travel around Hokkaido a bit since it doesn't snow back home, and after some googling, thought it might be cool to spend New Year's Eve on Mount Hakodate.

I'm interested to see if anyone else has done this (or been in Hakodate in general on NYE who might know) to find out what the crowds are like – I'm not great in big crowds, so if it's likely to be a 5 hour wait for the ropeway I'm not gonna try it. My other option was going up for the first sunrise, but again, can't find any info about this on google nor reddit, only about general travel over the new year period.

I'm normally down in the Tokyo area so no one around here seems to have an answer for me either, they all spend NYE with their families.

Bonus question: Shrines in the same area, if I decided to do the Hatsumode tradition, once again what kind of crowds am I looking at?


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