Issues with setting up internet (NTT/Flets West)

I just moved to Osaka a few days ago and my apartment that I have moved into is already pre-setup for the Hikari wire internet, with a modem supplied by the ISP and all the documents.

They provide a CD which is supposed to essentially set the modem up and allow you to use your network, but for some reason my laptop from The States can't run the program. I took my laptop to the nearest conbini because there is software you can download in order to go around the CD, but the software won't install and gives me a cryptic Unicode message.

Finally there is a way to manually set up a connection via "Network Settings" but this just gives me the error that my internet credentials the ISP provided to me are wrong.

Essentially the only thing I can think of at this point is to use a PC laptop from Japan in order to run the software, but obviously I'm not going to buy one just for that purpose. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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