Advice Personal Finances – Acceptable range for monthly salary for a PhD-holder researcher?

Hello everyone, this is my first reddit post.

I live in Japan for more than 2 years now. I will change my curriculum as I will be graduating from a PhD course next March.

Since I am interested in an academic career, I found a postdoctoral fellowship available in Japan for foreigners by JSPS (linked below). I believe that JSPS is quite known and it is considered the standard for scientific fellowships in Japan. I brought this idea to my supervisor. He told me not to apply for this fellow since he can employ me instead and that the monthly salary would be similar or better than the one offered by the fellowship. The monthly allowance for the standard Postdoctoral JPSP fellowship is ¥362,000 per month (net income, exempted from taxation).

The deadline for application to this fellowship is now over. I asked the exact number of the monthly salary of a post-doc in the research project and after some mind calculation he presented a number around ¥180,000 per month (net income already, not including bi-annual bonus). He claims he thought the fellowship allowance was the gross amount (taxes and insurances not yet calculated).

Is anyone here with a Post doc fellowship or working as a PhD in Japan that could give me some clue on what amount is more standard? If you do not have a PhD but still live in Japan, your opinion on this situation would also be valuable.

Thank you!

JPSP link (it says that it is exempted from taxation if you click on Program Guidelines):

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