Online Visa Renewal System Questions

Does anyone have any summary information about the new online visa renewal system? The application to get access to the system started 2019/3/29 with actual visa renewals starting 2019/7/25.

After reading a NHK News article,it sounds as if waiting in long lines at the immigration bureau will no longer be required for visa renewal.

However, a brief look at the usage guide from the immigration bureau website leads me to believe that this is a system for large companies with many foreign employees or for lawyers/scriveners/etc. who help with immigration procedures. At least, the targeted audience appears to be for employees of companies who employ foreign workers, rather than the foreign workers themselves.

In addition, in order to complete the application for access to the online system, a visit to the immigration bureau is required.

For my personal situation, I am the only foreign worker in a (fairly) large Japanese company. As a result, no one is knowledgeable at all in visa proceedings, and all the renewal paperwork will be very likely be my own responsibility. Although I have no current plan to change companies, if I did, I do not understand if the online system is fixed to a particular company or to an individual worker.

Is the online system worth looking into further?

Thanks for any information.

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