Monthly Finance Thread – 01 March 2019

Welcome to this month's Finance thread!

  • The purpose of this thread is for people living in Japan for mid-to-long term to discuss financial options

  • General advice and information should be offered regarding the types of options available, and steps to be taken to use those options Pure speculation (ie- the $ will hit Y120, Softbank stock will go up, etc) is not welcome, as nobody really knows what is going to happen in the future. I'd like to hope that we can have general speculation/opinions (ie- IF the Nikkei were to drop, xxx should experience less pain than other options), but if that is too rampant we'll probably have to cut down on that

  • This thread is not for: people not living in Japan, issues covered in the sidebar, minor money questions (cellphone plans, cheap supermarkets, etc)

You may refer to the inaugural thread for inspiration.

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