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Hey everyone,

Hey first time poster in this subreddit so I might get downvoted for this, but I dont know where else I should ask this.

I have ADHD, and back in Canada I had a prescription for Addreall. Knowing that its illegal in Japan, I let my prescription run out before moving here, but recently ive been finding it harder and harder to focus on my work and get things done to the same level of quality I was able to get them done back home.

Here is my concern, in Canada it is very easy to get a prescription for ADHD medication, and I wouldnt consider myself even tending towards the high end of the ADHD spectrum. Id HATE to go into a doctors office and have them send me away (as id feel like ive wasted their time and mine).

I guess my question comes down to, what sort of medications are available for ADHD in Japan, and how liberally do doctors prescribe those medications? If they are quite strict, (and heres where I think I might get downvoted) does anyone know of any doctors in Tokyo which might prescribe to someone, like me, who is lower on the ADHD spectrum?

Thanks for any and all feedback both positive and negative.

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