What does your deep-cleaning routine look like? (What am I missing?)

Hi, I’ve got a 3ldk mansion, old, that I keep nice by having the kitchen clean, the floors waxed, bath clean, and appliances looking good. I’ve recently learned that people are paying tons of cash to have someone else service their washing machine, hood fan, and AC unit. I’m not messing around with the AC as the service I pay for is worth saving me the hassle (and I don’t have/want to invest and store in a powered sprayer), but I’ve knocked out the other two this morning. Add to that the grill grates sitting in an ammonia bath on the balcony, and the day is doing pretty well.

My tools are simple – the relatively eco-friendly Ability Clean, which is a great readily available degreaser for kitchen and home use, and a ton of melamine foam. Add to that some ¥100 shop investments (diamond/mirror sponge; delimer/descaler/hard water remover, and we’re doing alright.

I keep the kitchen clean, wipe down the Genkan shelves, use kabi killer every other month, and aside from getting the sliding glass doors clean it’s alright.

Anything else I could be doing? Feel free to lol.

Anything else I could reasonably add to my list?

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