I don’t know if I can do this…

Hi r/japanlife, I really need your help.

I've been living in Okinawa for just over a month and I just… hate it here. I have hated almost everything about being here since we got here. Sure, the people are nice and the landscapes are beautiful, but I feel isolated, lost, and useless.

Background: I moved here with my husband for his work. My certifications are all in Human Resources (from Canada) and given that I don't speak the language, I have little to no opportunities here outside of teaching English. I recognize that teaching english is probably a great step for me, but right now I'm so intimidated by the fact that I don't speak any Japanese that I don't know where I would even begin connecting with students… I just feel like I would end up doing a piss pore job and that's not fair to the kids.

I want to know… has anyone else felt this way? What did you do to help these feelings pass, or to feel more 'at home' in Japan? I know the classics are 'make connections' and 'find things unique to Japan' and all that but… I'm struggling with exactly that. I would really appreciate any advice you guys have on how to establish a life here.

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