Moving from Japan with EMS (sending customs-cleared boxes)

I am moving and need to move about a dozen boxes of things (mostly books and clothes, no more than 200kg) to Lyon, France.

The couple quotes I got so far from professional moving services were both ridiculous and wildly impractical: ~¥300k by boat, ~¥400k by plane, usually with half the work left for me to do (find another agent to handle customs and transport from a port 700km from Lyon, or pick up myself at customs)…

By comparison, sending everything by EMS would be ¥300k by plane (couple days) and ¥200k with SAL (boat+plane, with tracking: about 2-3 weeks). That seems like the sane option.

Problem is, in order to avoid getting slapped with import fees, I apparently need to fill up some special paperwork when sending it. Which I can only do at a "customs branch office located within the post office"… Somehow, I am pretty sure that doesn't cover my tiny local post office. Can't seem to find a list of such branches (I'm sure the airport would work, but I'd rather find closer).

Does anyone have any experience with shipping stuff as part of a move with EMS? Any info, tips etc?

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