What is the best way to go about paying for things online?

I want to use money from my japanese bank account when I make purchases online.
I only have an atm card for my japanese account at the current moment, no debit or credit (I have an american one but I really really don't want to have to transfer money every single time I buy online).

What are your suggestions? I've looked up some debit cards but most of the articles I've seen aren't helpful. I heard that getting a credit card is not easy as a foreigner but idk how true that is? I'm 22 and have a stable income but I'm not expecting that to be an option. Is it possible to link my bank to paypal or something similar?

I know about sites like transferwise that could just send money to my american card but I want to use that as a last resort.

(Sorry if this seems like common sense but most of the information I find is just about transferring money to another account and not about just using your japanese account.)

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