Weirdest or shittiest or best omiyage/sashiire/whatever you’ve received from your Japanese in-laws?

I just cleaned my glasses with some glasses cleaner my wife received on my behalf from her aunt. Her aunt saw I wear glasses and so she brought over a treasure trove of glasses junk her son brought home because he used to work for a glasses company. Thing is…she's in her 70s or 80s and her son hasn't been working at the glasses company for quite some time. The glasses stuff they had lying around is at least a decade old.

That's all well and good, whatever, I'll clean my glasses with the old spray and store them in the old case and be grateful. Except my wife paid her aunt back with about 5,000 yen in omiyage from a trip we took…

Japanese people have some very deeply-ingrained omiyage/sashiire senses but sometimes they just give you some junk they had lying around. What's your omiyage/sashiire story Japanlife?

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