Visa Renewal without Taishoku Shomeisho

I was planning to move to another company this year somewhere far from Tokyo, but I'm worried because it might take time with my current company to give me a release letter or probably won't give it to me at all. My company is really slow when it comes to paperworks, and my boss is somehow a petty person too. So if I leave, he'll probably ignore my calls or emails.

Anyway, I thought it's not an issue at all but a friend of mine recently renewed his humanities visa, since he is working to a new company, the immigration officer requested for Taishoku Shomeisho. His previous employer doesn't want to give it to him. As far as I know they sponsored his working visa but was terminated before it was released. My friend informed the immigration about this and they asked for the contact number of the company so they'll be the one to talk. I asked my friend and he still haven't heard from the immigration yet for a month since he passed all the other documents.

Given my friend's situation, what are the chances that his visa won't be renewed because of the Taishoku Shomeisho? This is what's holding me back from leaving my current company

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