Mizuho requiring me to fax some proof of intended use before they accept my wire transfer of funds from overseas account.

First of all, my overseas bank says they cannot / will not wire to TransferWise.

So I arranged a direct SWIFT transfer. And Mizuho said, "that's a lot of money" (its just a 'middle aged person who has been living beneath their means for a couple of years' lot of money, not a 'laundering proceeds from conflict minerals' lot of money) and they need me to fax them proof of the financial transaction I am intending the money for.

One the one hand I kind of get it, and am expecting to have to explain that I have paid taxes in the other country at some point, to someone.

But what if I just want to move a chunk of my foreign money savings into a Japanese account as JPY savings? Am I not allowed to do that?

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