US Taxes Form 2555 Bona Fide Residence Test Question

A bit early but I have a question about filling out this form.

Until now, my tax preparer has been filling out the form with the physical presence test but I’m filing my taxes myself next year and I’d like to do the BFR section because I have no intention of returning to the states in the foreseeable future and have made a life for myself in Japan.

My confusion is Line 15b. which asks for the type of visa I “entered the foreign country” on. Well, I entered on a 3 year Instructor visa well over a decade ago and I’ve had permanent residence status for a few years now. That ancient Instructor visa has no bearing on my present status and would not be anywhere near as convincing about my residency state as my PR. Yet, going by the wording, that would be the visa I entered under.

Do I write Instructor but with a note that I now hold PR status? Do I just write the current visa status?

This form seems poorly thought out and shortsighted for something that is specifically for people living abroad.

Thanks for any clarification.

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