NTT Docomo’s Tokyo cycle share is EVIL — How do I cancel it?!?

NTT Docomo is billing me every month for an account that has a) been canceled and b) is charging against a canceled credit card. I'm disputing the charges each month with my credit card company and they're great about it, but this is seriously getting absurd and I'm looking for ideas on how to fix it.


I was in Tokyo for a couple of months and signed up for the bike share program. It was great, electric assist bikes everywhere (when they're not being used by UberEats drivers). I then canceled both the account and the credit card (, they're merchant specific throw away cards) when I came down to Kyoto.

They've still been billing me for the past 3 months, forcing charges to auth (against Visa's policy, and possibly illegally) by running them as "force post", meaning they get accepted by Visa literally no matter what, even against a canceled card :/

I've sent several polite e-mails asking them wtf is going on, but they haven't responded to anything. My Japanese is pretty weak so calling them is a non-option. Ideas? I really don't want to dispute a 2,000¥ charge every month for the rest of my life!

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