Career switch from inaka ALT to something exciting in Tokyo (pre-N1 level Japanese skills)

I'm an ALT in the inaka and I always thought Tokyo was just too much hustle and bustle for me. Went there this weekend and I totally changed my mind. I want to get out of my bumfuck inaka ALT role and into something else with better pay and in Tokyo.

edit: no N1 = no N1 as some of you pointed out. I took N1 on a whim this July after I got to Japan and almost passed, so I'll take it again in December and actually pass rather than being wishy washy.

Reason I post is because I didn't see any other posts of people who are teachers who also already speak/read/write a high level of Japanese. Obviously my situation is not unique but it didn't seem to be covered in previous postings.

So… the main questions I'd like to ask are:

  • What are the best places to search for non-teaching jobs where companies will be interested native English-speaking foreigners who can communicate in Japanese well (not natively)?
  • How the hell do I square the fact that I have an 8 to 4 (Mon-Fri) ALT job with the fact that practically any interview I potentially get invited to will be during my work hours and it's difficult to get much time off?
  • I passed N2 back in 2011 and just missed N1 by a few marks. My Japanese is probably pretty much N1 level and I'm just shit at taking tests. I'm well above N2 level but my resume will not reflect that – how do I do that in a way that makes me stand out in the screening stages?edit – see above
  • What are some good fields I could go into that aren't sales or recruiting? (I did sales in the UK and hated it). I'm kinda interested in some kind of IT-related work although I don't have any skills in that area yet. I'd also be interested in translation (in-house for a bank or something?).
  • I still need a good 6 months to get the money together to actually afford to move (plus my current work contract is still in place til March) – will recruiters just ignore me because of that?

I suppose I could just spruce up my CV and send it to somewhere like Pasona but I thought I'd tap into this delicious fountain of knowledge before making a first move.

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