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Okay, so, I’m definitely missing something… Probably something simple. But, I’m trying to watch cable TV. I was under the impression all I had to do was get a TV, get a cable, and hook it up.

I went to 2nd Street and got both a TV and cable. I watched the test the TV with both power and cable, but did not have them test the actual cable I got.

Fast forward to trying to hook up my TV… Nothing seems to be working.

I plugged the cable into the wall and the TV in both the VHF/UHF and the BS 110度CS spots. The TV also came with a red B-CAS card. Do I need a new card or an actual cable provider or something?? When I bought my apartment, it said it had CATV, but I don’t know if that was an auto service or just capabilities?

I tried looking around the internet and couldn’t come up with much… And so – how do I cable.

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