Update: So I went to that cottage party that the professor was throwing

And it was really awesome!

8 of the doctors and 2 of the nurses came. First, we went to the beach. The prof had made a reservation for a table in a little hut-like restaurant and we had some squid, octopus and kara-age. Then everyone got changed into swimsuits and we went bathing. The doctors took turns running into the water full speed and jumping into the first wave, so of course I participated as well. I have no idea if this was good etiquette, but while swimming and playing around in the water I dropped the desu/masu forms and spoke casually, because it seemed more natural, except for with the prof.

After we got changed, we drove for like 5 minutes in different cars to the prof's summer home. His wife had already prepared loads of food and his younger son was on BBQ duty. We sat down around the living room table and his wife would bring food all the time, exchanging empty plates with full ones, first little entrées, then grilled giant shrimps, then filet steak slices, different salads, sauces, it was incredible. We had champagne and then expensive red wine in plastic goblets, which felt very weird. The professor would lead the conversation, but it would often go back to silence. This discomforted western me, so I started asking the professor questions about the village, which he grew up in. At some point, he just fell asleep in his chair. Everyone would whisper until his son woke him up as he walked past him. He continued the conversation normally.

After we finished eating, some of the other doctors started falling asleep too. Another one had brought a soccer ball, so we went into the garden and first played volley, and then the prof showed us a playground just around the corner. I bugged one of the younger doctors that we should play soccer, since he used to play a lot. When I took his flip-flops to make a goal and drew another one into the sand with my feet, they finally accepted and we played 3 against 3 for 20 minutes. It was super intense and liberating because I just forgot about being polite and girly and dove right into the dirt to get the ball when necessary. At some point, one of the doctors yelled "kyuukei!" and we went back into the garden and soon finally drove home.

So it was super relaxed. I had a great time! These people are so incredibly nice to me. I'm already sad that I'm going to move on to another hospital in a week.

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