IBS in Japan

Hi, I am currently working in Japan, and I have really bad IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I'm having a really hard time explaining this to them. Everytime I say I'm sick and need to use the bathroom in an emergency they just yell at me 病気じゃねえよ! And don't believe it's an actual sickness. They just think I get stomach aches, and they're being really strict with me to the point I'm getting more sick. None of them speak any English at all, and I haven't found a proper word to use to make them understand. And they also don't understand what IBS is in Japanese, probably because it doesn't really make much sense (過敏性腸症候群). Is there any way for me to properly explain this to them? They know the symptoms yet still don't believe it's a disease. Maybe I should look into getting a 診断症?

I've never had an employer be like this before, and it's getting really frustrating.

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