I’d stand for 5.5 hours if it means getting home today

Update: safely arrived at Shin Hakodate. Husband drove 2.5 hours just to pick me up at this ungodly hour. Seeing his face is the highlight of this shitty day. Thank you all for your well wishes and keeping me company on this thread. おやすみなさい!

My flight from Haneda to Shin Chitose was cancelled. All airlines were fully booked and the next possible flight out is on the 13th. The airport was a mess of people. I travelled back to Tokyo Station and placed my bets on the shinkansen. It was my last chance to get home by today. Fortunately, I managed to get a ticket after queuing up for 30 minutes. News have it that Shanshan will be more ferocious tomorrow (if anyone has any latest updates please let me know). For personal reasons, I have to go home by today. I held onto my tickets for dear life and quietly cried in relief walking through the bustle of Tokyo Station.

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