Possible wrongful termination?

I was gonna post this in r/legaladvice, but I need japanese legal help with my current situation.

I am a 19 year old female. I started working at a cookie store a few months ago. It was just supposed to be a part time job, but the management pressured me into working full time hours.

I was never trained, nor did I sign any contracts. August 1st-August 3rd I got off to see my friend in Korea, but only on the condition that I work a full week with no breaks.

I got back from Korea yesterday, and I came down with a 38.5 fever. I slept through my alarm and my shift manager (not the store manager) called me to see where I was. I told her that I thought I had a fever and couldn’t come in. She proceeded to tell me that I already got the time off to go to Korea and that I was letting the whole team down. So I got up, took my temperature, and sat down in a daze until she called me again, this time even angrier.

She proceeded to yell at me over the phone that I was unreliable and immature. I kept telling her I had a fever. She then said she was cutting all my shifts and I would not be working at the cookie store anymore.

This doesn’t sit well with me because I never signed a contract understanding that being sick was a fireable offense. In addition, we were initially really close friends, but she has been particularly rude to me since she expressed interest in me and I turned her down. I feel like she fired me for personal reasons.

Is this legal? Should I take any action? I don’t really know what to do. I hated the job, but I really needed the money and now I can’t have it. (Additional info: the shift manager has confessed to me that she has an extensive criminal record, 11 charges, back in her home country of Australia, and lied on her visa that she had no charges. She is not the store manager, there are two above her, and I’m not sure if she can actually make the decision to fire me).


tl;dr: Got fired for having a fever, unsure if it’s legal or if I should take legal action.

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