My Landlord is my Boss

Hi Japanlife, Recently I posted about my current work situation which is a bit grim at the moment. ( – Summary – I needed holidays days but they were denied because My employer doesn't want the other native English or Japanese teachers also copying me – 'I can't allow your holiday because other will want to take their holidays'

As an overview this above situation still isn't resolved but the conversations with her seem to be swaying towards the holidays being granted which is good.

The reason for this post is because I would like to leave my job and all attachments to my employer by March (Gives her plenty of time to find a new employee)…Unfortunately she is also my landlord with 2 years on the contract to go (It's a 3 year contract)

Myself and a another work colleague are renting accommodation from her, a month ago he tried to give his notice and quit, she replied saying she would cancel his accommodation and make him pay the remaining 2 years which he can't afford ( Ultimately he can't afford to quit his job) Although I haven't said to my employer, I would like to leave the job, I would like to leave by the end of the school year because of the unpleasant daily work life etc.

Does anyone have any experience with having housing contracts that are also linked to their employers? In regards to my employment contact its clear there are many Illegal/Null clauses which I have raised briefly in the previous Reddit post. Does having a work contract with various 'Null/illegal' notes help me leave this current accommodation? Its a tough one and not something I've found much info about online.


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