Advice on collecting Japanese bills and coins

Hey, all! I've been collecting Japanese bills for a while now, current ones and old ones. Luckily, I work at a store that has enough numbers of old people and foreigners coming in, so I've almost completed my collection of the current designs and the one before.

The ones I don't have yet includes this old Japanese 5,000 yen bill. It looks like this. And a lot of the older ones, including the 500 yen bank note, 100 yen bank note, etc.

If anyone has any and are willing to exchange it with me, I'd really appreciate it! Or just any information on how to get them without paying over 20,000 yen in Rakuten and so on would also be much appreciated! And I'm really interested in collecting any other old Japanese bills and any other countries' bills. I'm currently working on my euros, USD, and HKD. 🙂 Thank you very much!

Sorry if this isn't the appropriate sub to post this on. Please tell me if I should post this somewhere else! Thank you!

Note: Repost due to complications on first post.

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