Help me stay sane during apartment hunt please!

Hi all,

Posting as a frustrated and sleep-deprived home hunter.

The sharehouse where I planned on staying for a few months is just horrible and I'm losing my mind here. It's a really stressful situation that's taking its toll on me so I found an English-speaking (sorta) agent and started looking for a home of my own.

Dealing with this agent has been frustrating because of my current state (see above) and because of cultural differences, I guess, or maybe I just have a bad agent. It's my first time dealing with one so I don't know if this shit is normal, but the guy's showing me listings that are as much as 50% higher than my max! I told him it's all too much and his response was "but these are nice places!" WTF! Like that'll suddenly make a few hundred thousand yen magically appear in front of me. He doesn't fucking listen to what I'm saying and keeps pushing places that I don't want/can't afford.

I'm struggling to not let desperation take the wheel but it's tough staying level-headed. I'm contacting other agents etc. but if anyone has any advice or words I'd really appreciate it. My friends keep telling me to take it easy and that all will be well, and they're right, of course, but maybe you went through something similar when you came here?

Thanks in any case!

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