What are your thoughts on Nishinari ward in Osaka?

When I was a studying Japanese in Osaka, I lived in Nishinari ward for a brief time. Before coming, I didn't know anything about Osaka and didn't do any research. I just went along with what the school recommended, they had a student dorm in Nishinari, so they just assigned me a room there. When I first came to Osaka, i was picked up from a train station and while I was inside the car looking at the view, everything just seemed a bit dirty and so much more different than what I imagined. Really old looking buildings, lots of old people etc. The first time I went out to get some groceries, I was surprised by how many homeless people there were. At that time I was starting to doubt everything, and regret coming to Japan. Because I didn't know any Japanese, I couldn't communicate with anyone. At school I met someone from the same country, and was told about Nishinari. Because I already paid for 3 months rent, I coudn't just move, so I had to live there for the remainder I had. While living in Nishinari, I've seen lots of scary things, things I didn't even imagine would be possible in Japan. Like naked ojiisan, someone masturbating in the open, scary homeless people etc. Thankfully as soon as 3 months passed, I moved to a better place.

I was just wondering, what do you think of Nishinari? Have you ever been there? Doo you know why it became like that?

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