Recommendations for a translator (English/Japanese) in Tokyo this weekend?

So, long story short, we're getting married this weekend (Sunday) in Tokyo at a shrine. The shrine organisation hasn't delivered on our expectations of a translator… We were sold the idea of someone who can help translate conversation on the fly between individuals and translating speeches etc. It appears that we're getting someone who can "translate" a pre-written speech and then read it out.

Would anyone have any recommendations of someone who can translate conversations between individuals, and would be available this Sunday the 1st for approximately 2 hours? (length of the reception). We're thinking the company won't let us have our own interpreter have any mic time, so probably just be conversation between family members. English to Japanese and vice versa.

I feel this will be mission impossible as everyone would rather be enjoying 花見、but it's worth a shot. Thanks for any info.

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