Cancelling Internet subscription

So I need to cancel my Internet subscription, currently using NTT with YahooBB or softbankbb as the Internet provider. But not quite sure how to do that.

I have been subscribed to them for 3 years now, but now I have to cancel them since I'm moving back. But since the first time I moved to my apartment the estate agent set-up all the contract for it.

After calling them to help me cancel the Internet, they told me they can't help me and I'd have to call NTT and softbank by myself to cancel them, but I'd need to call in Japanese, and I'm still not that great in phone calls, are there any other way? Also how long would it take? Since I need to leave my current apartment in a few days. Though I would still be in Japan for a while.

Another problem is I don't really have any of the papers with my contract details, and when I tried to open up the cancellation site for YahooBB it asked for my user id, which I really don't remember. What should I do?

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