Growing a lawn, need advice.

So new house is going to be finished in the next 6 weeks or so and it is big enough that we actually have a yard, not huge but about 75m2 or so. Budget didn't extend to exterior costs so it's going to be DIY at this point.

Rear of the property is south facing so it will get a bit of sun, now back in AU i could duck down to the local garden supply or Bunnings and get my pick of many varieties of grass for any different location or condition, seeds or even roll out and just chat to someone and get good advice, but Japan doesn't seem to have much of a market for good lawns (not exactly surprising given space), and the few I do see tend to look sad and often yellow and dying.

Living on the outskirts of Aichi so snow is not a huge factor each year. Anyway, anyone had any experience and could recommend a good variety that is pretty hardy and or doesn't get taken over by the local weeds? Also I am no pro gardener so any other tips or things you have discovered that could help would be great. Primarily want to turn the back yard from pile of dirt to grass to limit it becoming a mud bath every time it rains.

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