How do I futon?

I am a little confused about how to buy a good futon. It seems like I should just go to Nitori, but I am seeing people on YouTube use a layer under their futon even on tatami mats (I will not have tatami.) I am also seeing that a shikibuton is about 3 inches and sometimes they are double layered.

What are the parts of the average bedding in Japan? Do I need to buy this tri fold under-layer as well as a shikibuton? Will I just buy the futon itself and use that as a single layer? Are there different thicknesses of futon and if so what is best? (I saw that some in America are 4 inches thick?) Im hoping to spend under 20,000 yen for all the parts. What do you guys use and is it comfortable?

Thanks so much for your time.

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