Estimate cost for moving companies

Current situation: I'm under company housing that paid my guarantor, management fee, etc. I've resigned and I've asked if I can keep my current apartment. I was prepared to pay at least one month's rent, and maybe key money. I was looking at about 200k in my head. That wasn't so bad.

Since I am no longer supported by my company, I now have to pay key money, service charge, guarantor, and it became a whopping 300,000.

Edit: this is in the Mejiro area

I thought to myself "Huh. It's almost cheaper to move"

Am I being too optimistic though? In all my moving I had nothing but boxes of clothes and household items, and that was a few thousands since I did it by mail.

My friend said she got her moving to 50k, but that was after haggling and she didn't have large items like a washing machine.

I was hoping to get a quote from anyone whose had to move more than just furniture, as most of my friends came out from dorms or furnished places.

More edit: I live in 21sqm apartment, with large items like a bed, refrigerator, tv, table, chairs, lights, xbox, kitchen items. This is around the Mejiro area

I plan to move out to a 25-27sqm apartment, near Otsuka, with a rent max 110k a month.

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