Help! Spilled water on my laptop, Are there any specialist shops in Tokyo that I can take it to?

Yesterday I spilled about half a small cup's worth of water on the front right-hand side of my laptop, towards the right of the touch pad. Thankfully the keyboard wasn't soaked so the motherboard should be safe, but unfortunately the hard drive was affected.

I opened up the laptop and removed the hdd for now. I plan to let it dry for a good few days before rebooting back up myself, but would it be better to take it to a specialist shop first?

Right now I only know of Yodabashi Camera which has a repair service but even that is not a specialist shop and I'm sure they wouldn't want to touch the hard drive out of fear of damaging it and getting claims.

Does anybody know of such specialist shops in Tokyo that can take a look at a laptop hard drive and confirm if it's corrupted?

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