Is my internet company lying about NTT uninstallation/tachiai?

Hello all,

I have a 2 year internet contract with U-NEXT, and NTT East manages the billing. My real estate agent signed me up for this on or before April 1 2016, or so I thought, because I moved into my apartment on April 1. But when I called to verify the contract would end on March 31 2018, my move-out day, they said the date of application was April 2 and the contract didn’t begin until April 23 when they installed it, therefore I have to pay a ¥15,000 cancellation fee if I cancel on 3/31 and not 4/1.

Obviously, I was confused, but I realize I signed up for a 2 year contract and I of course will pay for 24 months of service. So I told them ok, I’ll just send the modem back to NTT a few days early and pay the final bill when it’s delivered to my forwarding address. But they said I can’t do that because NTT might need to come and do an uninstallation in my apartment in April, not in March.

Ok, I told them, then I’ll just call NTT and see if they have to actually do a physical tachiai/uninstallation or if I can just mail them the modem. But she said no, you can’t do that because as soon as you call NTT to inquire about it, they will automatically start the contract cancellation process and I’ll be charged the cancellation fee. This makes no sense and it’s where I think she’s lying. Why would simply calling to get information trigger a contract cancellation?

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to verify whether or not I can just mail my modem back to NTT? If so, I’ll set the contract end date on 4/1, avoiding the fee, and take the modem out with me when I move on 3/31.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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