Fresh/Pickled peppers reliably found in Tokyo/Kanagawa?

Are there any places in Tokyo/Kanagawa where you can reliably buy fresh jalapeno/habanero peppers or worst comes to worst whole pickled peppers? For pickled peppers, that would be closer to Spanish Guindillas that you get with a horrible kebab in the U.K. I was sent a restock from home over Christmas but I'm running precariously low and can only find pickled onions/olives/cucumbers in the more posh places like Seijo Ishii, La Precce, Kaldi etc.

I tried searching and for the most part it seems like people have no problem growing chili peppers from seeds but that's a long term endeavour (I do grow my own herbs on the balcony but haven't got round to peppers yet).

Literally haven't seen a single fresh jalapeno on sale in around 3 years living here and can't be going to Mexican restaurants every week…

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