Is there a big one coming?

We had a 4.8 quake tonight in Tokyo Bay, we had level 3 quake in Tokyo Bay a few days ago. At least during the two years I've lived here we almost never get quakes in Tokyo Bay, they almost always come from Ibaraki. Are we likely experiencing foreshocks of something bigger? Call me paranoid, but Fukushima and Kumamoto both experienced similar before their big quakes, and I believe maybe Kansai did as well.

So now another question I'd like to shoot off from this, if that big Kanto quake does happen what are the chances of building damage? I live in a mansion that was build in the 90s. I'm not renting and earthquake insurance is pretty expensive. I'm pretty sure my building would make it out ok, but my earthquake knowledge, especially in relation to Japan, is pretty limited.

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