Vaping update 2017/2018?

Let's get this out of the way: I am a smoker.
Trying to keep my Nicotine craving in check while being "less unhealthy" I moved to iQos. Still tobacco based, but a lot cheaper than the crazy expensive gums. I understand that JT blocked the sale of Nicotine vaping juice in Japan a couple of years back, but with the recent development on iQos, is there not a relaxation? I'd love to move to the (potentially less harmful and smelly) vape. Any update on the legal side of things and whether procurement of nicotine eJuice is still a problem?

I am trying to find an option which is money wise acceptable, less unhealthy and less of a pain for the people around me. Bashing me for smoking will not help 🙂 Any advice/Link/ info you would have would be ready helpful!!

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