I want my contract back.

I have no clue whether this is legal or not, but I have been without my own physical copy of my contract for nearly two months now. It all started back in August when I noticed an errors and discrepancies in the law with my contract. After a brief (and recorded) meeting with my boss in early September, my error filled contract was taken with a promise to re-write it. That has yet to happen. I'll include additional details if necessary, such as the errors and presumed illegalities…

I was told that a new contract would be written, but that the person responsible would be on maternity leave starting in October, and won't be back for a while. While I understand that maternity leave is very important, it's not like no one else in the entire company, such as my boss or his superior, could be able to re-write my contract, and it seems like a poor excuse to further drag this whole thing along. My boss and the superior have however claimed that they don't know how to write contracts… which I find rather peculiar and hard to believe.

Regardless, I want my old contract back, up until the point I get a new one. That's where the problem lies- when I ask for it, it's as if my request falls on dead ears. I know that if I had a specific reason (like signing up with my wife's insurance), it would seem urgent, but I can't come up with any other reasons (white lies or otherwise) to create such urgency.

And for now, I need that urgency. I just want my old contract back, errors or no errors. What are some reasons I could give them to make them cough it up, other than just saying I want it back (because as I understand, I'm entitled to have a copy..)? A reason such as enrolling with my wife's insurance won't work as they offer insurance and I've been enrolled since January.

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