Wireless transmitter for TV? (Or, How the hell can I watch TV at home?)

I know I've discussed my TV woes here a few times, but I'm so frustrated and annoyed with my situation that I hope I can get a final definitive answer here.

Live in detached house. House has antenna on roof. There are two coax hookups in the house with cables/wires. The problem? Neither of them are in rooms where we actually have our TV or would watch our TV — one is in the kitchen/dining area, the other is in our bedroom.

From what I understand, hooking up a TV to the coax should get us basic digital TV, yes?

So, without moving or installing new cables/hookups, is there any way to get this signal to the TV? My research shows that a wireless transmitter with a coax hookup might work, but all the ones I find are for US or European digital TV signals. Is there something like this for Japan and would it work?

Essentially, here's my idea: Hook a wireless transmitter up to the coax in our bedroom, as it's across the hall from where the TV is. Coax goes to transmitter, transmitter wirelessly transmits to TV in other room. Seems plausible?

Couldn't really find what I was looking for on BIC's website or Amazon.jp. They have Slingboxes and antennas, but that's it.

If this isn't a thing, I'm assuming our only option is to buy a digital antenna for the TV room and use that + TV recorder/tuner box to get TV.

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