Most modern/advanced online banking provider

Hi, can anyone provide info on which bank offers the most seamless, contemporary online banking experience? I need both personal checking and corporate accounts. I have used Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, but the system is super antiquated (particularly for the corporate side) and requires installing a bunch of Windows-specific ActiveX security controls and using your one-time password on a security dongle (two dongles) multiple times, plus a couple login passwords. I had to install Windows in a virtual machine just to get on their site. It's super tedious. It seems like most of these sites are stuck in 1990 (what else is new).

Requirements are:

  • English not needed
  • Eligibility requirements not an issue
  • Able to send wires (international also a bonus, but not required)
  • Seamless login and authentication
  • MODERN system that is not Windows reliant
  • 2 factor authentication on phone is a bonus but not required. Security fobs are annoying.

The goal is to be able to manage all finances from home and check statements, send/receive money, etc.

Which ones have you used and liked?

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