Is it legal for my company to take away my monthly "perfect attendance bonus" if I miss work?

So I'm an ALT working for a small dispatching company. They give me "ten" paid holidays a year, but they say that I have to take six of those days on the dates that they choose and only let me have four days off where I can choose the date. So that's already fishy on its own.

The other thing is that they pay me a "perfect attendance bonus" of 20,000/month. So as long as I don't miss any days, I get 20,000 yen in addition to my base salary. If I do miss a day, I can just use it as a paid holiday and still keep the bonus. If, however, I use up all of my paid holidays and then take a day off, I lose 20,000 yen that month.

It's illegal to cut an employee's salary for missing work, right? My sense is that calling it a "bonus" is a way of getting around the law. They aren't technically reducing your salary if it's just a "bonus."

So I know this is shady, but is it actually illegal? I know the response is going to be to call the labor bureau, but I just thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone has any similar experience or knowledge on the subject.

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