Advice needed: Dealing with drain flies in an old Japanese apartment block

I’ve lived in this apartment block for exactly two years now. During my first year I had no issues with the plumbing.

Then during this summer, I noticed a ton of these little flies in my apartment. I’m a clean person who takes the trash out almost every day and disinfects the kitchen/bathroom weekly. So I couldn’t understand where they were coming from.

After asking Google sensei, it was suggested that these weren’t regular flies, but a type of drain fly which usually live in old pipes. They’re about 2mm in size, and have light coloured bodies, almost like tiny moths. They leave behind a dusty/black residue when you squish them.

I contacted my landlord but his attitude was pretty much “Yeah, they come out in the summer, and the apartment is old.” This was annoying because they weren’t present last summer, so something had changed.

I decided to take action into my own hands and pull up the flooring in my bathroom. My dad used to be a builder and gave me some tips on what to do, so that I wouldn’t damage anything.

Under the floor and the bath edge was this horrendous black gunk, built up from hair and other crap. I spent about 3 hours nuking the areas with bleach and making everything spotless. Job done, I put everything back as I found it.

Now, roughly 3 months later the flies are back again! This time in full force. So I’ve just done the same thing again, but this time I used boiling water to wash out the drain.

Have any of you experienced these little bastards? How did you deal with them?

TLDR; I think I have drain flies in my apartment. Landlord won’t help. Any solutions or product recommendations?

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